BarCampMontreal is an event that brings together the most interesting and creative people in Montreal. They build a schedule collaboratively, and then have fascinating conversations, demos, presentations and tutorials all day long. It’s an experience not to be missed.

A Montreal tradition for decades

BarCampMontreal1 happened in October 2006.  The follow-on event, BarCampMontreal2, happened in April of 2007, and then BarCampMontreal3 came in November of 2007.

More than a decade later, BarCampMontreal4 took place in January 2018.


BarCamp is a type of unconference where interesting and creative people get together to discuss topics that they’re passionate about. The schedule is designed by the participants on the morning of the event, and although many BarCampers are tech-focused, the topics range from travel to swing dancing to personal mission statements to AI to photography to cryptocurrencies.


Thanks to our presenting sponsor Startupfest

BarCampMontreal4 was nostalgically presented by Startupfest. Startupfest is the international startup festival, based here in Montreal, which brings together startup luminaries from around the world to discuss, debate and inform in a festive weekend format. Startupfest may be well known around the world, but they haven’t forgotten their Montreal roots. We were lucky to have …

Thanks to our featured sponsor Dialogue

Dialogue is an innovative Montreal startup building the future of healthcare engagement. We were lucky to have Dialogue as a featured sponsor, and Dialogue founders and employees participated in our unconference event at every level. Dialogue chose to concentrate their sponsorship on human-in-the-loop chatbots, which meant that all the conversations about HITL this weekend were …

Thanks to our featured sponsor Luffa!

Luffa was a featured sponsor of BarCampMontreal4. It makes a lot of sense; Luffa “makes meetings more useful, productive and smart.” And that’s just what we’re looking for at BarCampMontreal. Thanks for being a featured sponsor, coming out in force, and keeping our conversations interesting, Luffa.